Digitalisation in Academic Research

The digital transition in science is enabling the development of new and innovative methodologies and scientific equipment, as well as presenting a wide range of opportunities for the exchange and transfer of knowledge across all areas of society. For academic research, this creates both new opportunities and challenges when it comes to providing research data in a sustainable way.

The Academy of Sciences and Humanities' digitalisation strategy in Hamburg includes the promotion of digital research methods and sustainable research data management. Both these approaches take place in the context of local and nationwide collaborations and research networks.

Hamburg Sustainability Project - Born Digital

From the outset, all long-term projects of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg in the Academies' Programme have used digital methodology in managing research data, thereby ensuring the sustainable digital accessibility of their scientific data.  Included in this are the application of best practice guidelines in data preparation and the use of established digital standards and data formats, together with open licensing models.  As a result, four open-access online portals have already been created ahead of the deadline, providing both a scientific contribution to the specialist communities and insights into their research for any interested members of the public.

Scientific research in the digital network

Since 2020, the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg has been actively involved in the Text+ consortium as part of a nationwide initiative to establish a national research data infrastructure (NFDI). The aim of the consortium is to preserve text- and language-based research data in the long term and to enable their widespread use in science in the future. The Academy's participation in Text+ not only guarantees a broader accessibility and greater visibility of its research data and results in the long term, but also allows it to incorporate the discipline-specific needs of researchers into the infrastructure’s overall design.



The close cooperation between the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg and the University of Hamburg in implementing the digitalisation of research data from long-term projects is significantly assisted by the joint efforts of the following partners in the fields of digitalisation and research data management at the Hamburg site:

Research Data Online

Further information and digital resources can be found on the websites of the long-term projects.


Timm Lehmberg
Officer for Research Data Management
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