In the field of tension

Modern-day energy and resource policy is increasingly caught in the area of tension between safeguarding an assured, sustainable and cost-conscious supply and questions of distributive justice.


To take an interdisciplinary approach to systematically develop coordinated energy and raw material policies:

  • in the supply, transport, distribution, storage and use of energy and resources
  • taking natural, technical, social, political, cultural and economic interrelations into account

Project description

Awareness of the need for regulatory energy and raw material policy has grown in light of the increasing scarcity of resources and reserves. Approaches for energy and raw material governance have already been developed in Germany and Europe. However, generally-accepted principles must still be found.

Past and future activities

  • Summer semester 2012: Academy lecture on "The energy turnaround: hindrance or opportunity?"
  • Summer semester 2013: Academy lecture in cooperation with the model building and neuroscience working groups on "Artificial intelligence: opportunity or risk?"
  • Podium discussion on the 2014 German Science Year on digital society entitled "Art in digital society: computers – a cultural asset?"
  • 2014 Academy in Discussion event on "How efficient is energy efficiency?"
  • October 2014: workshop and podium discussion on "The energy turnaround: Quo vadis?"
  • Academy publication on "The energy turnaround: Quo vadis?" (2015)
  • Since 2016, organisation of an interdisciplinary "Sustainable Energy Supply" school laboratory for courses preparing students for the sixth form at secondary schools (Gymnasium)
  • Preparation of discussion papers on current issues within the fields of energy and resource supply
  • Discussion of the role of biofuels with consideration of the aspect of the responsibility for global famine
  • Development of recommendations for action for a partnership-based cooperation between energy  and raw material suppliers and consumers
Academy Publication

"Energiewende - Quo vadis?", hrsg. von Franz Joos
Also available as eBook: Zum Download