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How do leading researchers in Northern Germany assess current developments? What research projects are holding their attention? And what is making its mark on the work of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg? What is happening in the Working Groups that is relevant to public debate? What milestones have been achieved by the Long-term Projects?

Our interviews with members of the Academy offer their standpoints and insights. Articles and other digital presentations warmly invite you to discover topics in science with us and through us.

“We need an Institute for Pandemic Research in Hamburg!”

Academy President Prof. Dr. Edwin J. Kreuzer and the Spokesman of our Working Group on Infection Research, Prof. Dr. Ansgar Lohse, appeal for an interdisciplinary Institute for Pandemic Research in Hamburg. In a guest column in the newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt” they sketch out what they see as necessary for research. Read the column (in German)

Mit klugen Köpfen im Gespräch
  • Mojib Latif, Klimaforscher
  • Anna Margaretha Horatschek, Literaturwissenschaftlerin
Short interviews
  • Kurt Pawlik, Psychologe
  • Thomas C. Mettenleiter, Virologe und Molekularbiologe
  • Ansgar W. Lohse, Mediziner
  • Alessandro Bausi, Philologe
  • Andreas K. Engel, Hirnforscher
  • Dennis J. Snower, Wirtschaftswissenschaftler
  • Edwin J. Kreuzer, Technikwissenschaftler