Supporting Junior Researchers

Outstanding young scholars and scientists work at research institutions in Northern Germany. The Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg supports them in many ways. The Academy is also a good place for younger and more experienced scientists and scholars to meet: it offers a platform for regular meetings – with scientific and human curiosity, with pleasure in research and exchange and with time. The Academy thus creates space for the valuable development of rich scientific ideas. And there is hardly anything now with greater importance for society than good ideas for the challenges of our times.

▸ Young Academy Fellows

Since 2020 the programme of the Young Academy Fellows has offered a forum and network for interdisciplinary and cross-generational research dialogue. It supports young scholars and scientists on their career path.

▸ Young Science Forum

With the Young Science Forum the Academy has since 2010 supported young scholars and scientists at an early stage of their careers by funding academic lectures and conferences.

▸ Elise Reimarus Prize

Supporting publications, increasing visibility – that is the goal of the new Elise Reimarus Prize.

The Elise Reimarus Prize of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg supports the publication costs of outstanding works in humanities and social sciences by young scholars in the catchment area of the Academy. The goal is to raise the visibility of research results in these disciplines. In 2021, in the opening award, two Elise Reimarus Prizes were granted.

Latest call for applications: Until 31 July 2021 postdocs in social sciences and humanities from Northern Germany (HH, HB, MV, SH) can apply for a publication grant of up to 4000 euros. By mid-November the Academy will announce the recipient of the grant. The prize honours the Hamburg writer, educationalist, translator and philosopher Elise Reimarus (1735–1805; short biography in German).

▸ Joachim Jungius Prize

Every two years the Academy awards the Joachim Jungius Prize to support young scientists and scholars. The cross-disciplinary prize of 5000 euros for young researchers, funded by the Joachim Jungius Foundation, was offered for the first time in 2020, on the topic of Network Research.

▸ Academy and Schools

Supplementing its engagement in supporting young researchers, the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg also engages with students in their senior years of school. With laboratories for school students, the Academy helps young people to understand and assess complex societal and scientific processes.