Portrait Prof. Dr. Andrei Linde

Prof. Dr. Andrei Linde



Zuwahljahr: 2010
Institution: Stanford University
Jahrgang: 1948

I am one of the authors of inflationary theory and the theory of inflationary multiverse. For a long time scientists believed that our universe was born in a hot Big Bang. This scenario dramatically changed during the last 30 years. Now we think that initially the universe was rapidly inflating, being in an unstable energetic vacuum-like state. It became hot when this vacuum-like state decayed. Quantum fluctuations produced during inflation are responsible for galaxy formation. In some places, inflationary quantum fluctuations are so large that they can produce new inflating parts of the universe. This process transforms the universe into a multiverse, a huge eternally growing fractal consisting of many exponentially large parts with different laws of physics operating in each of them. This picture became even more interesting lately, when string theory predicted that the total number of different laws of physics operating in different parts of the universe is incredibly large. I continue developing this new cosmological paradigm. Many of my friends and colleagues live in Germany, and I am looking forward for continuation of our fruitful collaboration.

Department of Physics
CA 94305
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